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World of warships-Naval Warfare-themed MMO Game

Are you interested in fight for sea domination?

Are you willing to give full play to your military talents?

Do you hope to form your own fleet and become an excellent captain?

All of these are possible in World of Warships!

The game is the same series as World of tanks and World of warplanes. It is officially presented by the award-winning online game developer Wargaming, one of the leaders in the free-to-play MMO market.

World of Warships is rated as one of the best naval combat games by many experienced players. Sites like,,, and have given the game high evaluation.

Carefully high detailed crafted ships, fierce battle scenes and super-shocking sound effects. The game offers life-like visuals and sounds that keep even the most expert players engaged.

With a friendly interface and simple operation, it is easy to play even for beginners.

Moreover, World of warships is play for free. Any player interested in it can register to download it for free and start your captain journey.

Offers high-end graphics and soundRequires 35G free disk space
Features historically-accurate ships
Has a massive online gaming community
Suitable for beginners
Background Situation

Warships game is based on real-life sea wars of the first and the second World War. Apart from ships, the game also features aircraft carriers for long-range strikes, massive cruisers, and submarines.

Players will become commanders of their own ships and, starting in the first half of the 20th century, build a vast naval fleet of more than 200 recreated ships.